About Saratoga

Saratoga Investment Group Pty Ltd ABN 78 124 637 672

Saratoga and our company founders have been delivering practical investing solutions since 1994. Our unique practical approach, disciplined commonsense investment methodology and innovative solutions have established our reputation as one of Australia's leading boutique investment educators. We have recently launched our Performance-based Managed Funds to reaffirm our commitment to consistently achieving better than average results for our clients.

The Name

The company itself is named after the "Saratoga" a breed of fish that is revered by both Australian Aboriginals and the Chinese. Our company founder noticed that the fish was in general fairly mellow until it saw an opportunity to feed whereby it would burst into action and seize on the opportunity - just like a good investor. Our founder also noticed that the fish would dive bomb the bottom of the tank for no apparent reason and injure itself unnecessarily - just like a bad investor.

Therefore the "Saratoga" seemed to encompass two tenants of human behaviour inherent with making investment decisions, making logical and illogical decisions. Thus the company was named Saratoga to both remind investors of the potential that they could have and to foreworn them of the mistakes that they will make.


The Saratoga philosophy is simple - We want to help you to become confident, self-sufficient and successful in your share market investment decisions.


Acquiring the knowledge that you need to understand the share market is certainly an important part of your success. There are many ways that you can educate yourself on the theories of the share market and how to trade shares. There are books, seminars, the Internet and training course. All of which are excellent ways to start your journey to success.


Many say that knowledge is power. We say that it isn't enough. You need more than knowledge, you need experience. You can learn how to drive a car, fly a plane or play the piano. You can read books and attend classes. But, until you practice these skills, you will have a hard time mastering them. The share market is no different.