Investment Education

Saratoga's Safe Investing Method

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. This is a proven share market investment technique suitable for investors who want a better than average return with a conservative approach. It advocates only investing in "blue chip" growth stocks and companies providing reasonable dividends (depending on your requirements). It requires only about an hours effort per week. You remain the decision maker, while the methodology provides common sense guidelines. It also provides an excellent investment foundation for investors who want to "trade" more actively.

Saratoga's Safe Investing Method provides specific guidelines that cover the essential ingredients necessary in any investment method, including:

  • Share selection (of shares that are outperforming the average and are up-trending)
  • Buying and selling at the right price (during price dips and peaks)
  • Risk and money management
  • Diversification
  • Disciplined Planning
  • Disciplined execution of plans; and
  • Ongoing reviews of your performance and track record

When implemented successfully, this approach targets a return that out-performs the All Ordinaries Index by 50-100%.

There is a lot of hype and mystery that surrounds share investing. Truth is, it can be a simple process that just requires practice before it pays off.

Do you want consistent above average returns from the Australian Share Market?

Saratoga's Share Market Investment Education will show you -

  • How to select shares that outperform the average
  • When to buy and when to sell
  • How to define and manage risk
  • How to create and implement investment plans to profit from the market going up, down or sideways
  • How to minimize risk through diversification
  • How to maintain a balanced portfolio
  • How to objectively review your investments to insure returns are above average

Saratoga's Investment Education will give you the confidence to invest and obtain consistent above average results

Mentor Program

Saratoga's Mentor Program gives you essential experience before you enter the live share market. The Saratoga Mentor Program will guide you into the share market risk free and show you how to get consistent results above the market average. You will know exactly how to invest in the Australian Share Market and achieve your financial objectives.

Why Saratoga delivers the most effective share investing development programs in Australia:

Know exactly your outcome

We are the only firm to give you an upfront, specific and measurable objective. Quite simply, as a Saratoga client, you must demonstrate the ability to outperform the market average by a minimum of 50% as per our performance guarantee.

"Hands on" approach from a "real" investor

Personalised mentoring monitors your progress to ensure you get from A to B quickly and successfully. Importantly, a "mentor" can point out exactly where you need to make changes and why, and communicate to you specifically how to make the changes to improve, so you always stay focused and on the right track.

Satisfied Clients

Since 1994, Saratoga has been helping clients develop robust investing skills.

Outstanding Results Fast

By combining Trade Simulator, the Saratoga Safe Investing Method and one-on-one guidance from an experienced investor, Saratoga clients prove (rate of return is measurable) they can consistently outperform the market average by more than 50%.

Saratoga Safe Investing Method

No complex theory, this is a plain English and commonsense investment approach which has been proven to out-perform the market average when implemented successfully.

Saratoga Trade Simulator

An easy-to-use software tool used literally for practicing the Saratoga Safe Investing Method safely, before using your real capital. Once you have developed a successful track record of investing, you can continue using Trade Simulator year after year for real life investing.

Not "active trading"

On average, four transactions per month is all takes to implement the Saratoga Safe Investing Method. This requires less than half an hour a week to manage (with the option to spend more time for more active investing). No watching a screen during the day!

Why outperform the market average?

Investors who do not consistently outperform the market year after year potentially miss out on hundred's of thousands of dollars over the span of their investing careers.