Mentor Program

Saratoga Mentoring

Saratoga Practical Share Market Mentor Program

This is an exclusive program with limited availability. It has been designed by successful Australian share market investors for people who are serious about consistently beating the average share market return by a fair amount. This program has been producing above-average returns for our clients for well over a decade. Your program is delivered on a personalised one-on-one basis using face-to-face contact plus Internet and telephone technology over a twelve month period. Your personal share market mentor guides you to achieve consistent above-average results - guaranteed!

The Mentor Program includes the "Earn While You Learn" option at no additional charge. This is a process where your mentor invests your capital in your name on your behalf. Not only does it help you in your learning process, but it leaves you with a model portfolio to continue to invest for yourself when you are up-to-speed and have confidently achieved consistent above-average returns yourself. And, best of all, your capital starts making money for you from day one. Fees apply to the "Earn While You Learn" option and are paid on profits generated.

The suggested minimum you should have available to invest in the share market is around $100k. We recommend that you have $500k available to invest in the share market, if you are interested in the "Earn While You Learn" option. This is sufficient to achieve the objective of recouping your investment in your own education in less than one year. Then you continue to make above-average returns from the share market for the rest of your investing life. Yes! This is a skill for life that you can even pass on to your children.

Why are our products and services so valuable?

  • Saratoga's product and services have been designed to provide you with a skill for life, helping you to consistently make better than average returns from your investments in Australian shares during good times and (most importantly) "not so good" times.
  • For over a decade people have been working with Saratoga to experience share market investment without risking their money, you can too.
  • Saratoga offers a performance based money back guarantee. We guarantee our clients will achieve 50% greater than the share market average.

The table below demonstrates the actual value of achieving 50% more than the average on three different portfolio values.



Portfolio Value






Avg. return 5 years





50% better than avg.





Avg. return 10 years





50% better than avg.





Avg. return 15 years





50% better than avg.





  • All values represented in present value terms (to better represent today's spending power for future dollars)

tickRemember, only a small percentage of investors even achieve the average. Saratoga positions you amongst the enviable small percentage of high performance investors who do.

Of course, it gets even better...

  • If your investment life time is longer; and /or
  • You have more to invest and/or
  • You can achieve a better return than 50% above average


  • You develop your skills without risking your capital;
  • You do not need to sit at a computer all day. (This style of investing can take less than an hour a week, unlike trading, which is a much more time intensive activity).

Who are our products and services for?

Many people from all walks of life across Australia are investing in shares with Saratoga. Professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, tradesmen, retirees, home-makers, professional traders and investors, self-managed super fund operators and people who:

  • Want to add to their existing income stream
  • Want an above average return without having to do a lot of buying and selling, or spend a lot of time on their investments
  • Manage, or are seeking to manage their own super fund
  • Are currently involved with property investment and seeking to diversify
  • Want to work from home (eg bring up my children, more time with the family)
  • Want to get a better return than "bank interest"
  • Are not satisfied with their current results or want to do better
  • Want to develop their "timing" so they enter and exit the market more profitably
  • Don't know where to start with share investing, and want a simple yet effective approach, and want to be investing profitably soon
  • Are comfortable in a bull market, but cannot invest successfully or want to do better during a bear market
  • Have attended other courses, read many books, and still are not investing successfully
  • Want more input and understanding when dealing with their trusted advisors
  • Are nearing retirement and wanting to take an interest in their management of their share portfolios
  • Want to reduce volatility and risk, but still get a good return
  • Are prepared to commit 3 hours per week for 3-5 months to learn and practice

The percentage of Australians directly owning shares is the highest per capita in the world, representing over 6.9 million investors. With mandatory superannuation savings plans for all Australians, many people are also choosing to manage their own superannuation fund as well.