Press Releases

The Age, "Teaching traders in share futures", August 1996

The key to successful investing is threefold: Having a plan, having the discipline to stick to it, and limiting risk. Saratoga is the first such program in Australia that teaches all three. A good investor is capable of outperforming any computer system. Through simulation and implementation of individual investment plans, Saratoga allows you to test this for yourself.

The Age

Good Weekend, The Find, "Market know-how" 28 August 2004

It's hard to get a feel for the share market without feeling as if you're about to drop a bundle. Saratoga's investment software steps into the breech, with a program designed to turn ASX newbies into savvy investors. Develop a trading plan, then test it out using historical market data but without putting any real money into the market.

Good Weekend

The Financial Review, "Rehearsing the futures market", September 1996

Melbourne based private investment educator Saratoga has recently released a sophisticated computerised investment simulator designed to fully test an investor's approach.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Money Section: "Loose Change", August 1996
Saratoga gives investors the opportunity to gain experience investing on local and global financial markets before they risk real money on live markets.

Financial Review

The Australian Investor, Feature Article: "Saratoga's software empowers through simulation", 19-May-2005

Share ownership in Australia has continued its upward trend seeing the emergence of the do-it-yourself investor. With the number of new investors steadily rising, many people are now entering the market without extensive knowledge or investment experience.

Saratoga has been addressing this problem by providing practical solutions for the share market for over a decade, helping do-it-yourself investors understand what to do with the plethora of tools and information available.

Australian Investor

The Australian Investor, "Personal Investment", 4-Feb-2005

For over a decade people have been working with Saratoga to experience share market investment without risking their money. Saratoga provides unique investment software designed to be the most powerful combination of training and technical tools.

Australian Investor

The Geelong Times, News, "Trading without the risk", 30 June 2004

Saratoga offers an innovative new software product which allows prospective stock market traders to learn to play the market without having to risk their hard-earned capital in the process.

Geelong Times

Geelong Business News, Ebiz: "Knowledge Share", July 2004

Saratoga has a personal mentoring program for gaining the skills and experience to earn a healthy income stream through investing in shares on the Australian Stock Exchange. It's now being made available to anyone with an interest in profiting from the share market and is of great value whether you're new to the share market or already have some experience.

Geelong Business News